Insidious The Red Door (2023)

In 2019, nine years after his possession, Josh Lambert’s memories of his experience in The Further have been repressed. He is divorced from his wife Renai and his mother Lorraine has recently died. His relationship with his son Dalton has become strained, and he attempts to heal things between them while dropping him off at college but it ends with them in an argument.

In his first art class, Dalton ends up drawing a picture of the red door used to enter The Further. Meanwhile Josh begins being haunted by the spirit of a man, eventually discovering that it is his father Ben Burton who he believed abandoned his family when he was young. Dalton attends a frat party with his roommate Chris, where he sees the ghost of a student that is constantly vomiting. After accidentally going into The Further again, Chris shows Dalton a YouTube video by Specs and Tucker, explaining how astral projection works, which leads to a clip of Elise Rainier talking about The Further.

Starring: Ty Simpkins, Patrick Wilson, Sinclair Daniel, Hiam Abbass, Rose Byrne,

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